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09 Feb Posted by in News | Comments

Makaveli 2009

As we mentioned previously, it’s been over two years since we changed up the site; so we’re going to move things around and give it some freshness in the next few months. We have affiliated with some other hip hop websites for news functions as a way of promoting some news related to the industry. […]


07 Jan Posted by in News | Comments

Biggie’s Mom Wants 2 Talk to Lil’ Kim

Essence dropped a quick yet pretty solid interview with Voletta Wallace, also just known as Biggie’s mom. She provides her excitement for the new Notorious film, along with questions about how Biggie could possibly have treated Lil Kim prior to his murder. Here’s a quick snip: ESSENCE.COM: We are excited about “Notorious” What was your […]


02 Jan Posted by in News | Comments

Coroner: Dr. Dre’s Son OD’d

PEOPLE Magazine confirmed through the Coroner’s office today that Dr. Dre’s Son, Andre Young Jr., died from a combination of Heroine and Morphine. This brings to an end the investigation into his death and hopefully can bring some sort of closure to Dre and his family.


22 Dec Posted by in News | Comments

Happy Holidays would like to wish all of you out there a Happy Holidays and wonderful New Years! Please be responsible and be safe this holiday season. With 2009 quickly approaching, will be bringing about a new little look for the site, the first in almost two years. Enjoy and have a good one!


09 Dec Posted by in News | Comments

Rapper says Obama Will Change Hip Hop

In an interesting interview between Rapper Common and CNN, Common believes that Obama will change the face of hip-hop. We at don’t quite know what that is suppose to mean but here’s a quote: “Obama is going to change hip-hop for the better” predicted the rapper, whose eighth album, “Universal Mind Control” (G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen), […]


04 Nov Posted by in News | Comments

Barack Obama Wins Presidency

Although not yet official, it is now a pretty much done deal that Senator Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. With the loss of Ohio, it is near impossible for John McCain to come by with a win. (No Republican has ever won office without winning Ohio.) Though not official […]


28 Oct Posted by in News | Comments

Eminem Releases Autobiography

Back from our trip to South East Asia so news should be moving on once again. Not directly related, but Eminem’s autobiography “The Way I Am” comes out in the United States today.The book kicks off with a prologue that provides one of the reasons Eminem has shunned the spotlight for the past few years. […]


13 Sep Posted by in News | Comments

September 13th

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; time moves too fast for our very short lives. Tupac Shakur passed away on September 13th 1996 and twelve years later we’re still remembering his legacy. Although very little has changed in terms of the status of his still “unresolved” (or should we say “unresolved”) murder; Tupac’s […]


27 Aug Posted by in News | Comments

TLA: Afeni Shakur Interview

Thug Life Army did a two part interview with Afeni Shakur. The interview links are listed below. This interview is a nice hidden gem of 2008 and should be a part of any Tupac fan’s collection. Source: (Thug Life Army, 2008)


27 Aug Posted by in News | Comments

Suge Knight Arrested in Las Vegas

Marion "Suge" Knight was jailed Wednesday on assault and drug charges after he was accused of beating his girlfriend while brandishing a knife near the Las Vegas Strip, police said. Suge Knight auctioned off the bankrupt Death Row Records for $24 million in June. Knight, 43, posted $19,000 bail and was scheduled to be released […]