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21 Apr Posted by in News | Comments

Happy 4/20 & 15 Year Anniversary for

Everyone have a happy and safe 4/20 – #SnoopLion you’re party got busted son. =) Also happy 15th year Anniversary for and a quick remembrance of the late Tupac Amaru Shakur / 2pac.  Have a great evening everyone!


10 Mar Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Shakur: Does his work come to a conclusion?

With the announcement last month by Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, hopes to have Tupac’s entire work released to the fans, the question arises if well finally get a peak into unfinished work and ideas he once had. Regardless when you became a fan of Tupac Shakur, you have undoubtedly at one point or other felt […]


11 Jan Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Memorial Guards 34 Pounds of Pot

When you think of a memorial to the late Tupac Shakur, many things may come to mind such as a painting, statues or a garden. You probably would never think that a 5 foot alligator named Mr. Teeth whose sole job was to protect your pot was one of them. The Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies […]


12 Dec Posted by in News | Comments

Have A Safe Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, it is time once again to put out a friendly reminder to be safe this holiday season. wishes everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.


11 Aug Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Foundation Honors Julius Agwu

Nigerian stand-up comedian, Julius D’Genius’ Agwu is being awarded by the Tupac Foundation in Atlanta according to The Nation Online, a leading Nigerian news and consumption website. You can read the full article here.


16 Jun Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Shakur: June 16th 1971

One thing that probably didn’t become apparent until over 15 years after his death, is how Tupac Shakur was more mature than many of us at his age. To think that at the age of 25 (the age of his death) that he would accomplish so much and that his words would have such a […]


20 Apr Posted by in News | Comments

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

Enjoy this most festive “holiday” and be safe today. 1- Digital Domain, the James Cameron led company behind the optical illusion of Tupac which was displayed at Coachella this year is also planning on adding even more famous dead artists and actors to their line up. Considering Tupac Shakur raised Digital Domain’s stock from roughly […]


16 Apr Posted by in News | Comments

Makaveli Returns: Coachella Hologram A Success

Makaveli Returns: Coachella Hologram A Success

There was a lot of questions lately about the new holograms that those in the industry are swearing up and down, is the next great technology with many practical applications. On Sunday at the Coachella show, this technology found a home as Tupac Shakur gave us one more great show by way of hologram. Also […]


29 Mar Posted by in News | Comments

Honey Cocaine – Vibe Interview

A pretty good interview with VIBE was released this week with Honey Cocaine. In particular the question was asked: Do you have any key influences? Yeah, Tupac. Tupac is my number one. He was one of the first artists I listened to as a kid. Even before I spoke English, I listened to Tupac. I […]


29 Feb Posted by in News | Comments

Makaveli: Tupac Inspiration & Alias Thoughts

It has been a very long time since Tupac Shakur passed away and yet, it seems like yesterday to those who really felt a connection. Makaveli was able to connect to each of us at different levels in different ways. For many of us, we saw different angles of Tupac, and that is something we […]