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20 Apr Posted by in News | Comments Happy Birthday 13 Years Happy Birthday 13 Years

Standing ovation for ourselves; has reached the sweet old age of 13 years online. Just thinking how long that actually is in terms of the subject matter and circumstance of Tupac Shakur is pretty amazing. has been hinting on options to create a fan forum (or use a current leading fan site’s forums) […]


08 Apr Posted by in News | Comments



If you want to spend some time reading over 102 pages of files the FBI released according to the Freedom of Information Act on the late Tupac Amaru Shakur, well today is your lucky day. Much of the info they had (sic) on him was pretty much public knowledge except for the investigation leads they […]


06 Apr Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Shakur: 2011 Year of the GOAT

With little to no news regarding Tupac Shakur for these past few years, we’re starting to get a rejuvenation towards visitors and fans who are asking us when we’re going to take the plunge into the social networking sites and how we felt about the current status of his legacy and if we felt it […]


05 Apr Posted by in News | Comments

MJ’s Memorial Statue Trumps Tupac’s Statue

C&D (Crunk + Disorderly) recently gave a quick blurb on the comparison (or contrast, you decide) on the new Michael Jackson Memorial Statue and the Tupac Shakur Memorial Statue. The comment is quite comical and actually in many ways accurate.  Nevertheless, we’re big fans of these memorial statues when they’re done right and with proper […]


21 Feb Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Shakur Biopic a Go

After a recent settlement between Afeni Shakur and the production company, Morgan Creek Productions; a green light to move forward on the Tupac Shakur Biopic is officially on (MTV, 2011). You can read the full story HERE. This of course will raise the question on the casting calls and who will play the lead roll […]


29 Dec Posted by in News | Comments

Happy New Years: BE SAFE would like to wish everyone a great holiday season. Have a great New Years and please be safe for the remainder of the holiday season.


02 Dec Posted by in News | Comments

Random News Bits

1. Tupac Shakur’s authorized biography has  been given the green light by Afeni Shakur (Preston, 2010). There has been a plethora of biographies out there all that tell the same tale with very little and often subtle differences. It remains to be seen if this release will seperate itself from the fold or attempt to […]


13 Sep Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac: 14 Years Later

Yes that is not a typo, it has been 14 years since the death of the late Tupac Shakur. There’s been very little news on the subject however there’s plenty of radio stations that have been throwing Tupac Shakur tributes all day.


06 Aug Posted by in News | Comments

Bieber = White Tupac? Please no

According to Mark Wahlberg during his interview with Time Magazine in this little quote: ““The world needs Justin Bieber,” he said of his decision to pass the torch to the 16-year-old singing sensation. “Justin Bieber is like the white Tupac. Compared to a lot of people out there.” Source


29 Jun Posted by in News | Comments

“Tupac Was Fearless” says Mike Tyson

MTV did a great quick interview on 6/16 that we missed. It included a short interview with Mike Tyson in which he discusses his relationship and his brief encounter with Tupac Shakur. He goes on to say “If you had any consciousness of the reality we live in, you could feel his energy. You knew he […]