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Tupac Amaru Shakur: 15th Anniversary

12 Sep Posted by in News | Comments
Tupac Amaru Shakur: 15th Anniversary

It’s easy to look back after 15 years and reflect at the loss of life; our humanity is always present but brains are wired to move on regardless of tragic incidents in our life. This type of self-preservation has always been there but each of us uses this security blanket in a different way.  Some people take loss a lot harder than others and it also depends on how close of a personal relationship we have had with those who lose their life. Family members and close friends usually get dealt the worst hand and have to deal with not just loss, but grief and sorrow.

As time moves forward, we try and do what we can to remember and to honor. Tupac Shakur was an icon that symbolized a plethora of traits and characteristics. To many he was an artist, musician, actor, and activist. To others, he was a thug, gangster, rapper and convict; while others portrayed him as compassionate, dedicated, loyal and honest. Regardless, these are just words and in the end they do a poor job of really articulating human thought and communication.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was an icon, plain and simple. His reach was so great that fifteen years after his death, there are still plenty of tributes to him. The internet has given a medium for fans new and old to show their support and share their stories on how he has affected their own lives. was one original medium and it was spawned by the idea and creativity of a fan who wanted to take those first steps into showing support for one of the last real icons of the 20th century.

Tupac was more than a man, he was an idea. This idea was a hydra which took on forms based on the receiver of his message. For a ghetto kid on the streets and living in poverty, Tupac’s idea was inspiration. To the single mother, the idea was positive motivation and love. To the new or struggling artist in the industry, the idea was confirmation and awareness. Even to the political circle, his idea was a spark, a need for chance and acceptance.

Take from him what you will but do not idolize this man. He was not to be idolized, desired, loved or emulated.  The image is an illusion, the material is transparent. What remains is the message carried in the breath of voice. So to this I say, remember. Remember Tupac Amaru Shakur and remember the idea. would like to honor Tupac Shakur’s memory yet again, now fifteen years after his passing. To the fans, the family, and friends, Tupac Shakur will be missed but never forgotten.


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