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20 Years Later: Tupac Shines

13 Sep Posted by in News | Comments

It’s been 20 years since the death of famed rapper and artist, Tupac Shakur. Since his untimely death on September 13th, 1996, the world has both changed and remained constant. Tupac is arguably one of the most, if not, most influential hip-hop artist in the world. Regardless of where or when you were born, Tupac’s name was more than a brand for hip-hop and rap catalogues. His social persona and his passion for what he believed in were written on the canvas of his body. Today, Tupac is remembered by many as a rapper, artist, actor, son, brother, acquaintance, and friend. Tupac inspired millions and was able to articulate stories within his songs that were so powerful, they resonate even today, two decades after his death. To many fans, Tupac’s inspiration led to increase in social and political awareness, a greater sense of believe in self and those around us, and the inspiration to continue on with life, even through all the pain and sorrow. was created for this very thing – to remember the man who brought these issues into the light, and who entertained and comforted us through the years. To provide a tribute for the fans, by the fans. Our time on this planet is too short and fragile for violence, hate, and the unwillingness to forgive. Today, set some time aside, appreciate your life, listen to some Tupac, and remember the legacy. One love.


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