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Tupac Amaru Shakur

In December 1994, the Unofficial Tupac Shakur website was up and running on the very first Sprynet servers. This website became a hit and in 1995, was published through Cyberspace Press, as the top music genre fan site. (It in fact wasn’t about Tupac specifically, but rather a variety of artists such as Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Snoop, Pac, Dre.. you get the picture) . Fast forward to April of 1998, when appeared when there were still only a very small amount of Tupac related websites on the Internet, and only a couple that actually had domain names. Since it’s creation, has been given it’s credit and dues by media and underground alike. We have been given air time with Power 106, Phoenix’s 92.3, Babson College Radio (4 hour Tupac dedication).

We have also been given mention on the Ricky Lake Show, Las Vegas Sun, and CNN; just to name a few. Although is run and owned by a single man with a vision, he believes that true community websites should be run by the fans, and not a webmaster. Therefore, his quote: “Created by the fans, for the fans” still holds true today as much as it did almost eight years ago.

“Looking back, I never would have dreamed how far would have grown over the years, nor how many bumpy roads there were during this both private and public spiritual journey I have endeavored. From my very first website back in 1994, to in 1998; I have taken a road many refuse to take, and even less accomplish.

I have always received hate mail and threats from people around the world who view Tupac as a personification of hate, evil, greed. The very things that those people despise, they are displaying in their own ways. Some of the hate comes from just ordinary people who were raised on the belief that one race dominates all, or that any black man who raps, writes poetry, or comes up from the gutter; must be a thug, killer, and gangsta. Ignorance is bliss, and there came a point where the only thing I could do was just smile and ignore those who would try and destroy Tupac’s name or image.

So here we are, after all these years. I promised many years ago that this website would be “Created by the fans, for the fans” and I still hold true to that. Every big change I make, I ask the community first what they want. I always ask the community before making changes that will effect the way they view or interact with Much like a CEO of a company reports to his shareholders, I report to the fans. If you ever find something you don’t like, or think could be improved; let me know. I’m proactive in the Makaveli Community and I will always be here to keep pushing Tupac’s name further and further into the history books.”