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29 Mar Posted by in News | Comments

Honey Cocaine – Vibe Interview

A pretty good interview with VIBE was released this week with Honey Cocaine. In particular the question was asked: Do you have any key influences? Yeah, Tupac. Tupac is my number one. He was one of the first artists I listened to as a kid. Even before I spoke English, I listened to Tupac. I […]


29 Feb Posted by in News | Comments

Makaveli: Tupac Inspiration & Alias Thoughts

It has been a very long time since Tupac Shakur passed away and yet, it seems like yesterday to those who really felt a connection. Makaveli was able to connect to each of us at different levels in different ways. For many of us, we saw different angles of Tupac, and that is something we […]


31 Jan Posted by in News | Comments

2012 Random Bits

We’re holding out that 2012 will be the year new projects related to the late Tupac Shakur finally see the light of day. This would include the biography, an ink scripted screenplay, and possibly a soundtrack including dedications. Will it happen? Well we thought 2010 and 2011 would be the year these took flight but […]


25 Dec Posted by in News | Comments

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and remember to be safe this holiday season.


09 Nov Posted by in News | Comments

RIP Heavy D

We’ve said this before, but it seems like at this stage, life stops giving and starts to take away. Heavy D passed away this week at the age of 44. would like to send out their condolences to his family and friends and wish them the best through these hard times. Read the full […]


12 Sep Posted by in News | Comments

Tupac Amaru Shakur: 15th Anniversary

Tupac Amaru Shakur: 15th Anniversary

It’s easy to look back after 15 years and reflect at the loss of life; our humanity is always present but brains are wired to move on regardless of tragic incidents in our life. This type of self-preservation has always been there but each of us uses this security blanket in a different way.  Some […]


16 Jun Posted by in News | Comments

Happy Birthday Pac

Yup another year, Happy Birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur. Enough said.


04 Jun Posted by in News | Comments

Geronimo Pratt Dead

Geronimo Pratt Dead

Past generations are moving on and leaving a whole new world in their wake. The irony is, the old racial mentality (both from whites and blacks) from previous generations has really moved away from the violence upheaval  and political demonstrations to more localized gangs that center around the ever present issues of poverty, crime and […]


30 May Posted by in News | Comments

Hackers pirate PBS Site, Fake Tupac-Alive Article Created

Of course we could never condone such actions however what a comical news blurb from major news medias today. In grand fashion, a group of hackers (The Lulz Boat) upset with PBS’s coverage of WIKISECRETS decided to get some good old fashion revenge by gaining access to the PBS website, and posting a fake article […]


20 Apr Posted by in News | Comments Happy Birthday 13 Years Happy Birthday 13 Years

Standing ovation for ourselves; has reached the sweet old age of 13 years online. Just thinking how long that actually is in terms of the subject matter and circumstance of Tupac Shakur is pretty amazing. has been hinting on options to create a fan forum (or use a current leading fan site’s forums) […]